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Services - Startup Engagement

All commercial business and not-for-profit organisations begin with an idea and vision. But to turn a dream into reality, you need more than a sound proposition.

A great idea, even when backed with drive, commitment and enthusiasm, can soon flounder in the maze of legal, organisational, financial and fiscal red tape that confronts all prospective start-ups.

That's where Quilly can help. Whether you are planning to go into business, or start a social enterprise or other type of organisation, our experts can help.

Sensible advice and practical support

We can offer you constructive, realistic and useful advice. For example, we can help you:

  • Develop your proposal
  • Decide on the best structure/governance
  • Set goals and objectives for your prospective business or organisation
  • Develop a business plan covering finance, marketing, sales, operations and other key areas
  • Recruit hi-calibre staff
  • Conduct a comprehensive and thorough research analysis of the market for your product or services
  • Explore possible funding sources, including investment, loans and grants
  • Complete any legal procedures, such as registration
  • Set up administration, bookkeeping and record-keeping systems
  • Choose location
  • Provide appropriate and practical toolkits, processes and methodologies.
  • Open doors for you/add value from investment options to corporate governance/structure to staff recruitment/organisational development.


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