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Services - Programme Management

Delivering robust programme management

Programme management involves managing a portfolio of multiple interlinked projects/activities focused on achieving business/organisational results.

At a basic level, programme management may simply involve overseeing a small cluster of projects which share a common pool of resources. At a more complex level, programme management can be a major operation involving dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of separate individual projects. This requires the efficient and effective management of resources (people, time, materials etc ) through establishing clear accountability, deliverables, timelines, interdependencies and cohesive teamwork

Not all businesses are equipped with the expertise, the resources or the personnel to manage complex programmes.

Quilly promoters have extensive experience of managing a diverse range of large programmes, at a corporate level including:

  • Technology transfer
  • Product start up and transfer
  • Plant start ups
  • Corporate resizing
  • Diversity
  • Cost management/reduction

How Quilly can help you deliver

Quilly understands that all businesses are unique. We offer a bespoke service, tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can help you define, design and deliver even the most complex programmes successfully.

To help you develop a programme from conception to completion, we can offer you:

  • Top quality advice from our team of experts
  • In-house training including seminars and workshops
  • Toolkits, methodologies and processes to manage and support the programme
  • Templates, software and other materials
  • Full programme management where required.

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