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Services - Intra Management

Intra management: a practical short term solution to address a long term challenge

Intra management is an highly effective use of specific and targeted interim managers who can drive organisational change through initiating and leading/managing transition.

Intra managers - engaging as interims - are capable and experienced professional executives who operate on a freelance basis to carry out specific assignments. They are able to bring new and unique skills and expertise into an organisation for a fixed period and become an internal catalyst for change.


When might Intra management be appropriate?

Intra managers will typically address an interim organisation gap, and once in position can accomplish additional objectives.

  • Taking over the reins of an organisation or a department during a time of transition
  • Covering organisational capability and identifying the appropriate permanent replacement
  • Managing the integration of two businesses following a merger or acquisition
  • Bringing in specific expertise while a new process or system is being introduced
  • Providing valuable expertise, experience, for start ups
  • Assessing the changes required to improve the operational performance of a business
  • Turn around a business or organisation in times of crisis.


Quilly can provide highly qualified, capable and experienced interim managers from a range of sectors, all with a proven track record of success in their field.

Our interim managers are:

  • Hands on and deliver
  • Confident and professional
  • Highly focussed on their brief
  • Energetic and dynamic
  • Flexible
  • Impartial and objective
  • Excellent communicators
  • Capable of implementing change and managing transition


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