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Services - Executive and Non-executive Management

Private business, public bodies, NGOs and social enterprises can't always match their resources to the range and scope of executives required to guide, coach and govern them effectively.

For example, it is not viable financially to employ a full range of specialist full-time executives to cover each and every sphere of your business. This does not need to result in missed opportunities, neglected priorities and failure to maximise potential.

Quilly can help you bridge that gap between your available resources and the experience you need to be successful. Executive and Non-executive intervention at a Board or Senior Management level can be a practical and a cost-effective way forward.


What we offer

Quilly selects high calibre individuals with the skills and international expertise across a range of industries and disciplines, that can provide invaluable leadership on a part-time basis to oversee:


  • A company in transition
  • A complex multi-project expansion
  • A new company strategy or business
  • A start-up business or newly merged/restructured organisation
  • A business or organisation undergoing a major change

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In addition to our executive and non-executive roles, Quilly also provides an Intra Management service with temporary or full-time interim managers