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Services - Business and Industry Consultancy

Industry is a crucial part of Ireland's economy. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Irish Industry is 80% of the industry base, largely concentrated in the ICT and Life Sciences sectors. Several of the world's top companies have chosen Ireland as a strategic location. While the indigenous base is small, it has the potential to grow quickly in a global context.

The opportunity to exploit new business and product opportunities between industry sectors as a result of converging technologies and markets, is very significant. The focus of Quilly is to encourage the business convergence that is required to realise the opportunity.

Realising new opportunities for small or large companies requires catalysts and agents of change that broadly understand the sectors and specifically understand the dynamics and attributes that are required to develop those opportunities. Quilly is specifically focused in this area and brings together people and organisations that want to exploit assets and create new ventures.

Our specialised consultancy services for business and industry brings together specific competencies and proven experience, together with the enthusiasm and enterprise to build and grow new business opportunities.

  • Bring together people and organisations
  • Attract and recruit high calibre professionals with the right skill mix
  • Develop effective management structures
  • Provide specific industry expertise including engineering, supply chain, and operational performance management
  • Lead and support the strategic and business planning process
  • Develop new business propositions and models to secure investment
  • Focus on the growing global market sectors
  • Exploit intellectual property and corporate assets
  • Leverage research investment and support commercialisation
  • Access high quality market and technology intelligence
  • Encourage and manage a client's collaboration
  • Ensure the effective delivery of programs and products
  • Utilise international networks
  • Collaborate creatively across organisational and commercial boundaries
  • Keep up to speed with changing regulatory frameworks at home and abroad.


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In addition to providing specialised services for business and industry,, Quilly also offers a range of executive options (Executive and non-Executive) that supports business, enables start-ups and assists non-profit organisations.