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Energising and empowering enterprise

Quilly is a dynamic new company offering unique management services to private and public business and not-for-profit organisations.

The founders have a formidable track record across a wide spectrum of industries and services, and blend advanced, cutting-edge thinking, in-depth, hands-on experience and expertise

Experience and expertise

Quilly has international executive management experience and expertise in Industry from research and technology through commercialisation to manufacturing, sales and distribution - both within large corporate and SMEs. The promoters are actively involved in both executive and non executive roles within companies, institutions and professional /industry representative bodies. They have current and past experience in the start up and development of new ventures, mergers and expansion programmes.


Darina Kneafsey

Darina Kneafsey - Managing Partner. BE (Electronic), CEng-MIEI, Diploma in System Analysis, MBA. Business and industry executive with a notable achievements in the high technology industry. Extensive senior management experience in large multi-national corporations, with a track record in operational excellence, cost leadership, change management and organisational development. Encourages corporate research investment and academic relations . Darina has worked across organisations to promote diversity in the workplace and serves on external boards including Engineers Ireland Council and the Board of Institute of Technology Tallaght.

Previously Darina has worked for Intel Corporation where she held numerous leadership roles in Engineering, Supplier and Technology Management, Technology Transfer and Fab start-up(s). During her 13 years at Intel, Darina has led corporate programs in Cost Management, Diversity and Business and Process re-organisation/re-design. Prior to this, Darina spent 11 years at Digital Equipment Corporation where she was Manufacturing Manager and led the development of the first JIT (Just In Time) progam. Darina has also worked within the Service Organisation and was responsible for the development of the first integrated services organisation and service portfolio.


Mike Devane


Mike Devane (Partner), is a Business and Industry Consultant focused on the development of enterprise and the promotion of new ventures. He is active in the brokering and leveraging of diverse capability and the development of collaborative initiative. He has a keen interest in the organisation and development of new research and commercial opportunities that can focus on the increasing convergence of traditional sectors including ICT, Bio-Med, Materials and Energy. He contributes in both executive and non-executive roles in an advisory or leadership capacity. Mike is a member of the Board of American Chamber of Commerce and is the Chairman of the American Chamber Research and Development Working Group. He has chaired the Nano-Ireland Taskforce set up to advise on strategy for the adoption and investment in Nano-Technology. He is active in the development of CSETs and was formally a member of the CTVR Oversight Board and is currently the Chair of the DERI Oversight Board.

Previously, Mike was the VP and Managing Director of Lucent Technologies International Sales with responsibility for their trading principal and investments in Ireland. His operational background within the ICT and discrete manufacturing industries, include experience in organization and business development and new venture startup, within both multinational and small enterprise. His experience within Europe has focused on the transformation, development and expansion of new or foreign direct investments(FDI) and the re-engineering of FDI including the transition and outsourcing of manufacturing and engineering activities and the creation of new opportunities and capability.

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