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The Cresent, Lucan,
Co. Dublin, Ireland
Tel: 353 (0)1 6283385
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Quilly is a unique business consultancy. We specialise in helping businesses and organisations grow and develop.

Combining years of experience with proven expertise our team of professionals has accumulated a wealth of strategies, insights and competence in;

  • Innovation and commercialisation
  • Start up and technology transfer
  • Industry and organisation management
  • Business development
  • Marketing

Our blend of experience, flair, passion, knowledge and competence allows us to confidently confront and challenge, small or large, straightforward or complex, immediate or long-term.

Whether your business is still an idea, or a well-established operation seeking efficiencies, cost savings and added value, Quilly can help you make the right decisions.

Our expertise is available to organisations that are seeking to change and/or develop be they

  • Large or small business
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • International, national or locally focused enterprises.